If you love being the center of attention and you love social media this could be the perfect opportunity for you.  Netflix is looking for Mainers, and people from nearly every other state, to be a part of the next season of their reality competition show “The Circle”.

Like the original British version of the show, contestants stay in their own apartments and only communicate with each other through a social media network called The Circle.  As everything they post or message appears as a text message, their true identities remain unknown.  Basically, it is a game of seeing how far people will go to promote themselves on social media.  So, the show ends up being like a cross between Big Brother and Catfish.

The winner walks away with $100,000

The following video does a good job explaining how the show works.

Here's the entire first episode

Sound like something you’d be interested in?  The production company is paying travel expenses and $100 per day stipend.

Get all the details about auditioning by clicking HERE

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