The parents and citizens from Presque Isle and surrounding communities are alerting the public of a concerning pattern developing near Riverside Park. A concerned parent posted some pictures of open needles left on the ground along Riverside Drive.

The Location

For those unfamiliar with the area, Riverside Drive has a park and splash pad located right next to this spot. As well as the baseball and soccer fields for Presque Isle Recreation Department. Across the street are the court house and the Sargent Family Community Center. This area is its most busy this time of year with several recreation activities going on along with the park's increased use.

TSM VIA Heather Bradstreet Facebook
TSM VIA Heather Bradstreet Facebook/Concerned Citizens of PI

Many citizens who travel Riverside Drive every morning are well aware that many people are seen walking this area early because there are soup kitchens and homeless shelters that are accessible using this street. The bi-weekly Rockin’ on Riverside takes place every other Thursday in this area. The train tracks run along here and the recycling Igloos for the city of Presque Isle are also on Riverside Drive.

TSM VIA Heather Bradstreet Facebook/Concerned Citizens of PI
TSM VIA Heather Bradstreet Facebook/Concerned Citizens of PI

A plea...

This is a public area. We need this cleaned up. There are many proper ways to dispose of needles. I must ask the general public to not pick up the needles if they come across any. Your best option is to call the local authorities and let them go from there. If you are one who needs to dispose of any needles you can drop them off at the local police or fire station without any judgment. 

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Please understand that I am sensitive and empathetic to the life of an addict. This article is not intended to shame any individual that may be struggling with addiction. I am writing this as an awareness of public safety. This is an issue for many obvious safety reasons.

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