An intersection in Bangor that's seen a lot of accidents over the years got a little trickier to navigate.

The intersection of Oak and Hancock streets in Bangor has been the epicenter of some nasty accidents over the years. Some have been caused by motorists merging into the wrong lanes from Hancock onto Oak. Others by cars dashing through the intersection in an attempt to beat the light.

We've also seen some close calls with drivers driving the wrong way down Hancock. The recent installation of a new traffic signal has boosted the importance of using caution when approaching this intersection.

The traffic light differs from the previous one as it doesn't span over the width of roadway. Instead, it's to the right of the road. Inattentive motorists used to seeing the signal over the roadway have been causing near-miss accidents by cruising through the intersection completely unaware of the new, smaller traffic light.

We also noticed that the new light doesn't have a sign that indicates no left turns, the old one did. We assume that rule of the road still applies.

We talked with Bangor Public Works who said the previous traffic light recently fell into the road due to high winds. They also confirmed the current light is a temporary replacement. A new traffic light, similar to the old one, will be installed sometime this spring.

Long story short, just pay attention and look to the right for the light.

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