Rescue crews were called to the scene of a minor 3-vehicle accident on Interstate 95 Tuesday morning. It happened just before 8 AM, a time when a lot of folks are heading to and from work and school along that route.

According to Bangor Assistant Fire Chief, Casey Perry, while firefighters only ended up transporting one individual to a local hospital with minor injuries, the delay in traffic ended up being just about an hour.

"Traffic had stopped prior to us getting there. As soon as we got there, we tried to get traffic moving again just to prevent secondary accidents from occurring. From the beginning of the accident to when we cleared and opened it up totally it was about 40 minutes."

The crash took place in the northbound lane, just before the Broadway exit in Bangor.

Perry said the State Police and Union Street Towing assisted with traffic control and clearing the scene. He said they were all lucky there were no other accidents surrounding the scene this morning.

"Usually it's the risk of secondary accidents that happen, you know, after the initial accident, so we didn't have that today, thankfully."

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