Summer in Maine also goes by another name: Road construction season.

road roller making new road

That being said, we all know how much it can suck to get caught off guard when we unexpectedly drive up on a road construction or paving site.

So consider yourself warned.

Several on-ramps to Interstate 95, in the Bangor area, will be temporarily closed this evening (Thursday) so that crews can safely pave them.

Asphalt paving. Paver machine and road roller. New road construction.

City officials put out a post on the City Hall Facebook Page, detailing the specifics of the operation:

There are couple of important take-aways from the information they shared:

First, "the Northbound and Southbound ramps on the same exit will not be closed at the same time."

Also, the ramps will only be closed for as much time as it takes to pave them, so hopefully only briefly.

And finally, the work will be done between 8PM tonight and 6AM tomorrow. So with any luck, there won't be a ton of traffic impacted by the closures during the overnight hours.

The good thing about Bangor is that there are plenty of different ways to get "from here to there," so you should still have options. The other positive thing about this situation is, when all said and done, at the end of this week, the several of the on-ramps (some of which were in desperate need of repair) will much safer to traverse.

It's always good to remember that the crews and flaggers are just out there doing their jobs. So don't get mad at them for the inconvenience.

But hopefully with some advance notice, and a little planning, you won't even notice the hold up?!

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