It looks like folks hoping to hold outdoor gatherings this year, with more than 50 people in attendance, might be in luck!

According to a recent story done by WABI TV 5, Governor Mills has upped the number of people who can gather in an outdoor setting at one time. This list pertains to "sporting events, concerts and other performances".

"Now up to 200 can attend - as long as they're seated in separate areas of no more than 50 people. "

The original limit, according to the website, was 50 people for both inside and outside events. The limit for inside gatherings still stands at 50. But this new increase is part of the state's "Staged" approach to opening back up after the initial onset of Covid-19.

Despite this new easing of the capacity for outdoor events, Gov. Mills still recommends taking precautions to limit the chance of transmitting Covid-19. These precautions include:

  • "There is at least 14 feet of separation between sections, with physical barriers to prevent intermingling between sections
  • There is enough space for 6 feet of separation between household groups within each section
  • Each section has access to separate restrooms, concessions, or other offered services, to prevent intermingling"

It's also recommended that each section have a dedicated entrance and exit, or if that's not possible, that entrances and exits are staggered to prevent too many people being in one place at one time.

Of course Mills also urges people both attending and working events to wear masks whenever possible. And everyone is encouraged to take advantage of hand sanitizer and when possible, to wash hands in soap and water.

The Governor's Office and DHHS has said they are constantly reviewing the guidelines and will make adjustments based on the Covid-19 data they receive.

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