Millinocket Police are warning residents about a batch of counterfeit $100 bills currently circulating around town.

According to a post on the Town of Millinocket's Facebook page, there are quite a few of the phony bills in the area. Sources have told police that there could be more than $10,000 worth of the bogus bucks. So, it's important to take the time to inspect your bills before accepting them from stores, other people, or even the bank. (although I'm pretty sure the bank would've checked them out first)

Police say the fake bills are extremely well-made, making them tough to spot. But, if you inspect the bill closely, you'll notice the word 'REPLICA' displayed twice, on the top and bottom corners. Anyone with information about the origin of the bills is urged to contact the Millinocket Police Department.

The U.S. Treasury Department offers some advice on what to do, if you think you've been given a counterfeit bill, including delaying the 'passer' if possible, while you or someone else calls police. Take note of the person's description and their license plate number, write your initials in the white border area of the suspected counterfeit note, and touch the bill as little as possible before handing it over to the police.

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