You've got until noon today!

Still don't have your stimulus check? Did you make less than $75,000 last year? You will be getting at least $1,200 (more if you've got kids under 17). But if you want that money faster, today is the absolute last day to sign up for direct deposit.

A blank US goverment check with selective focus on the statue of liberty

Why direct deposit? It's a whole lot faster than waiting for a physical check and goes right into your account. The money is part of the governments 'economic impact payments'.

According to the Today Show, to sign up for direct deposit, go to the Get My Payment tool on the IRS website. You can do all sorts of things there, including checking the status of where your money is!

If you did direct deposit on your last tax return, good for you - you are all set. If you don't do direct deposit, it will be weeks before a paper check is mailed to you.

If you made more than $99,000, sorry (and good for you) you won't get a pay check from the government.