Everyday will be taco Tuesday in Orono later this summer, with the opening of a new taqueria-style restaurant.

It has been six months since Verve Burritos closed its doors at 2 Mill St. in downtown Orono. Now the location will become the home of The Tacorita. According to the BDN, the new restaurant is owned by Harvest Moon Deli owners Keith Manaker and Zack Richardson.

The restaurant will feature food truck-style tacos, nachos, burritos and other simple Mexican dishes. Mexican beer and margaritas will also be served at the taqueria-style restaurant.

The Tacorita is set to open on, or around, Aug. 7.

Verve Burritos closed its Orono location in February of this year. Shortly after, in March, their Bangor location closed. The former Verve Bangor location is now home to Portland Pie Company, which opened earlier this month.

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