We here at Townsquare are still in dog mode after our Pints and Pups event over the weekend. We hope you and your pups had a great time and it was a great day to celebrate dogs and the people who love them.

Still in the dog spirit, here is this year's ugliest dog, Zsa Zsa, who was crowned this title over the weekend:

Video still from Daily Mail via YouTube
Video still from Daily Mail via YouTube


She is a 9-year-old English Bulldog with a whole lotta tongue.  She actually can't put it back in her mouth but that long tongue was what made the judges select her as the ugliest dog of the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds Ugliest Dog In the World competition in Petaluma, California.

According to Zsa Zsa's profile on the voting website, she was a puppy mill dog:

Zsa Zsa is 9 year old English Bulldog. She was a puppy mill dog for 5 years in Missouri, and instead of placing her in a loving home at her end of breeding, she was put in a dog auction. Zsa Zsa was then purchased by Underdog Rescue. Her mother saw her beautiful picture on pet finder and HAD TO HAVE HER! She now lives out her retired life in Anoka, MN.

Check out her experience at the fair and winning her title as the World's Ugliest dog.

The contest is held annually and is a way to bring attention to the love we have for animals of all shapes, sizes and beauties.  The contest is a reminder that shelter pets can be perfect companions for your home, too.

And while fun and entertaining, the contest speaks to the importance of advocating for the adoration of all animals and the benefits of adopting. Many of the contestant dogs have been rescued from shelters and puppy mills, to find loving homes in the hands of those willing to adopt. Please join us in raising awareness and support for the pets yet to be placed in a loving home.  - Sonoma-marinfair.org

Find your next pet at your nearest Maine animal shelter and maybe you could find a face that only a mother could love, too!  :)


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