It's always hysterical to watch someone try Moxie for the first time!

A Youtube channel called "The Outer Middle Show" features a guy who receives boxes of goodies from all over the world that he opens and tries. In the latest episode, he got a box of delicacies from the state of Maine.

Check out what's in this care package!

Gummi Lobstahs
Maine Maple Syrup
Wild Blueberry Salsa
Lobster Corn Chowder
A Red Velvet Wicked Whoopie Pie
Rocky Coast Pebbles
Grumpy's Honey
Prickly Smooth Maine Vape
A Stuff Toy Lobster

Amazingly, he tries everyone of these items, and his reaction to Moxie is priceless!

When watching the video be aware that there is some rather salty NSFW language.

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