A shifting jet stream during the winter months in the United States is normal. But what could make our winter more extreme than usual is the addition of La Nina to our forecast.

La Nina is a cooling phase of a recurrent climate pattern that can cause irregular weather patterns for years by creating large shifts of air movement which results in unusual weather worldwide.

The Northeast Is Predicted to See Extremes

According to severe-weather.eu, the United States will be seeing more extremes for our upcoming winter months. Maine is specifically looking to get hold of some of the coldest temperatures in the contiguous United States, comparable with temperatures that will be seen in the deep Mid-Northern state of North Dakota.

According to the predictions, Maine will have a 50% risk of extreme cold across the state due to the effects of La Nina with the northern half of the state seeing between a 50% and 90% chance of extreme cold.

Additionally, models are predicting higher than normal precipitation for the northern half of Maine with a 50 - 90% risk of extreme wet conditions, comparable with other mountainous locals in the United States includes the mid-Atlantic states and the Rockies.

Similar But Less Extreme From Other Sources

If we look at what the Farmer's Almanac is predicting here in New England for the winter of 2021 to 2022, we see relatively normal cold and with a stormy January and quiet February. However, a 'winter whopper' is predicted at the end of February and late winter storms in March with a possible nor'easter.

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