There I was sitting on my steps, waiting for my ride to a colonoscopy when I spotted something I've never seen before!


It was a baby turtle! It was a super tiny baby turtle, right by the front steps to my house! What the actual what?

I know the turtle doesn't move in the video, but he/she had been booking right along before I started recording!

I know nothing about turtles. I do know, that I've never seen one baby or grown up in Falmouth. I immediately googled what to do. Most said to do nothing. That the mom gives birth and then high tails it out of there. These little guys are on their own for the rest of their journey. I didn't get to see what happened to this little fellow, as my ride came and off I was to have a colonoscopy.

But let me tell you...this distraction and this sweet little turtle is exactly what I needed before going to Portland Gastroenterology. Ya know, I may have been a tad nervous.

Of course, now that I'm home...I've been looking for Terri the Turtle (of course I named him/her). SIDENOTE: Did you know that the gender of a turtle is determined by temperature. Google explains it a whole lot better:

In most species, gender is determined during fertilization. ... This is called temperature-dependent sex determination, or TSD. Research shows that if a turtle's eggs incubate below 81.86 Fahrenheit , the turtle hatchlings will be male. If the eggs incubate above 87.8° Fahrenheit , however, the hatchlings will be female.

That's cool - but it certainly doesn't help me figure out if it's Terri or Terry the Turtle.

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