I am grateful to have had an extremely unique childhood. My mom ran a daycare right from our house so I was always surrounded by friends my age and got to do all sorts of crafts and activities every day.

There were always toys at my house to play with, chalk to take over the driveway, trips to the beach, field trips to the children's museum, and my all-time favorite adventure: the wooden playgrounds.

Falmouth Craze Maze and Yarmouth Ship Yard Playgrounds

We all have memories stored deep in our brains that we don’t remember until something triggers it and then the moments from the past flood in. This happened just the other day when I drove by a playground in Yarmouth and randomly, for the first time in years, remembered when it had been entirely constructed out of wood.

Do you remember the Craze Maze in Falmouth and The Ship Yard in Yarmouth? They were giant playgrounds made entirely of wood that created the ultimate playground experience that could entertain you for hours straight.

When my mom used to bring our daycare to these playgrounds, we would have to get pulled off kicking and screaming to leave. There was so much to do and you got to just freely run around in this giant maze of fun.

Splinters? Who cares, mom will tweeze those out later.

These playgrounds had EVERYTHING. Monkey bars, tire swings, balancing beams, ropes to balance and crawl through, a wooden swaying bridge that I LOVED running across, so many slides, the fireman's pole that gave you burns, they had it all.

The best part of going with the daycare kids was having a group to play hide and seek with. The Craze Maze made the perfect place to run around and crawl into hiding spaces.

Ugh, there was so much to do! I miss it so much!!! I miss being little, I miss these playgrounds, I miss the daycare, talk about a pit of nostalgia sitting in my belly!!

Do you remember these places?!

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