The nation has known of Senator John McCain's illness with cancer for some time but it certainly came as a surprise to learn of his passing yesterday, after only a day before learning of him stopping his cancer treatment a day before.

After the news was announced, Senator Susan Collins joined CNN remotely this morning from her office in Bangor, to add to the conversation and memories of the longtime American Senator and presidential candidate.

Senator Collins remembers a pivotal moment in McCains political career that actually happened recently, during the senates vote of the repeal for the American Care Act in 2017.

Senator Collins recalls McCain's final moments prior to his vote on the repeal.

Reported by Maine Public Television, Senator Collins told CNN's "State of the Union" this morning that she wanted Americans to know Senator McCain as a man who loved this country:

“What the American people should know was that John McCain was a true patriot. A man who loved his country, who would do anything to advance his country. A man who believed in national unity.”

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