My personal opinion may be a bit skewed...

When you work in a professional kitchen long enough, whether you like it or not, you end up acquiring things for your kitchen that most folks may never have. Either it's something totally intimidating, or something that just doesn't make sense in a home kitchen, but as a cook, you'll own it.

New Hampshire can't seem to live without their waffle makers, and in Massachusetts they seem to adore toaster ovens.

For instance, in my house, I own a French mandoline. Most people have no idea what that is. But I always found it to be incredibly useful when prepping veggies. Basically, it's a device that helps make strips of veggies, and then you either leave them, or use it as the first step toward dicing. Or it's perfect for making fries at home too.

Which brings us to Maine's most used kitchen gadget...

We live in the land of potatoes. So obviously our favorite kitchen gadget is.... the peeler! That's right, the simple veggie peeler is what Mainers love the most. I tend to agree. If you open my utensil drawer at home, you'll find at least half a dozen peelers. But I always come back to the same one.


It's been in my family for easily the better part of a century, and does the job fantastically. We have others too, but nothing comes close to this bad boy. You'd think it would get dull, but nope. Still a powerhouse after all these generations. I think my grandmother would be proud, haha.

What about our other nearby neighbors?

As far as the rest of New England, New Hampshire can't seem to live without their waffle makers, and in Massachusetts they seem to adore toaster ovens. Connecticut seems to favor the sushi roller, and Rhode Island lives for toasters. Although Vermont may wanna hang with CT, as their favorite is the wok. They should open a restaurant.

While the peeler may seem like kind of inconsequential kitchen item, I'm pretty sure I could find a way to make food without any of the other items in New England. But I tell ya.... those carrots aren't gonna just peel themselves, right?! So stop looking down on the poor peeler, and give it it's proper respect.

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