We all know the words that we should and should not be saying at certain places or during certain times...so no, I will not write all the words out for you. These curse words can be said whether we actually mean them when we are angry or just being used casually in our everyday vocabulary.

A report conducted by Business Insider found that the average American uses about 80-90 curse words daily (so around five per hour). Yes, that seems excessive, but think about it...it's true.

It is not new news that some New Englanders curse like a sailor. However, due to one recent study conducted by Word Tips, one New England state takes the 10th spot as the state that swears the most.

Personally, I thought it was going to be Massachusetts, but it turns out that I was wrong and it is not even in the top 10 (only one New England state made it in the top 10). Maine is one state that seems to swear a lot more than others, and it takes the 10th spot for states that swear the most in the U.S. However, when it came to looking at cities rather than states, no city in New England made the top of the list.

Word Tips set out to find out which swear words are most popular across the U.S and they did this by analyzing tweets from each state. They focused on the most commonly used curse words as well as variations of them and matched them with the tweet's location to see which state uses the profane language the most.

Well, let's get down to it, you want to know why Maine made the top 10 and more importantly what word got Maine towards the top of the list.

According to Word Tips, Maine's most popular curse word is different than every other New England state. To give you an idea of exactly what word it is, let's look at a little scenario: You went food shopping and bought some eggs, when you are walking out of the store, you accidentally dropped the bag holding your eggs. What would you say?

Still, stumped (as there could really be two responses to that)? Well, then you can scroll down at your own digression.

The most popular swear word in Maine is "s*it".

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