As if kids didn't have enough to be stressed out about these days, one of the things my kids, as many across the nation, were wondering this week was "Does the Easter Bunny get to leave his house to deliver Easter Baskets this weekend?"

They all know that only "essential" people are supposed to be going out these days, and this is why school and play-dates have been cancelled for the next few months. But what about the "magical creatures" out there. How does these Social Distancing and Stay At Home rules apply to them?

My 6-year old has her first wiggly tooth. She asked if the tooth fairy was still going to be able to come and get her tooth when it finally falls out?!

Luckily, we now have it in writing from the Governor's office in Augusta, that certain Magical Creatures have been deemed "Essential Employees" and therefore are free to roam about to perform their necessary duties! They may take an extra day or two sometimes, depending on the household ;) but they will get there eventually. Don't fret. And show them this, if they need proof!


Maine Magical Creatures Directive
Maine Magical Creatures Directive

So you can ease the minds of your little ones, that while yes, there are many things that have changed in this world because of Covid-19, the magic still remains, as does the faith in good things. And its the faith and magic that will get us all through this.

Happy Easter, all!

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