Maine's Department of Education is reaching out to parents, teachers, school staff and educational leaders across the state on your input for the continual creation how Maine schools can continue to bring education to Maine's children in the age of Coronavirus.

A survey simply titled 'Fall 2020 Survey' is to help build on the framework to eventually bring kids back to school for typical classroom instruction prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Department of Education wants to be able to hear your suggestions, observations and concerns when building this framework to get our kids back into their schools safely, securely and with quality education.

Meanwhile, the Department of Education states that it 'continues to work with education stakeholders and health experts to provide a framework for safely returning to classroom instruction.'  But, they department also recognizes the voices of those working in the schools and the families of those attending the school should also be a part of the discussion.

The survey is available at the Maine Department of Education website and is ready for your input now.  The survey will be available for your submission until Sunday, July 12th at 8 PM.

The survey will take about 10 minutes.

It is noted that closing your browser will not send your results, so be sure to complete your survey and submitting before closing out of the window.

There are different surveys based on who is taking the survey.  Here are the choices:

  • Maine Family Survey: for parents or guardians of children attending Maine schools
  • Maine Educator Survey: for those in the schools and helping children with their education in Maine Schools, such as teachers and ed techs.
  • Maine Student Support Provider Survey: For those in the schools assisting with education, upkeep of the facilities and more (such as librarians, school counselors, nutrition staff, transportation staff, etc)

For more information about the survey and to submit your ideas, concerns and suggestions, visit the Maine Department of Education's 'Fall 2020 Survey' website.

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