Despite having 14 nominees in the running, only two New England Music Awards came back to Maine this year.

The 2017 New England Music Awards were handed out in Massachusetts. 14 bands and artists from Maine were nominated, however only two awards went to Mainers.

Portland's Armies scored the Best in State award for Maine. Also nominated in the category was The Other Bones, Five of the Eyes, Burning Time and Builder of the House.

Armies was also nominated for Song of the Year with the tune 'At Home' featuring The King of Maine, Spose. That award went to Massachusetts artist Adam Jensen for his tune 'The Mystic.'

We just finished recording an album at @thehalostudio that we are so proud of. There isn't a better feeling in the world, we can't wait to share it with all of you. It wouldn't have been possible without Jon Wyman @thissoundsgood (pictured here at the helm). He is a wizard, a coach, a taskmaster, and a friend. We were also incredibly fortunate that so many wildly talented musicians came in and melted our faces. Phil Rodriguez, John Maclaine of @thefogcutters , and Brian Graham of @sistersparrowdb came in and put some killer horns down (Brian, dude...that bari solo. It might be my favorite 30 seconds on this whole record). @russcondon from @townmeetingband came in and put the perfect harmonies on a song. Dustin Meadows of @themeadowsbrothers put some boot stompin harmonica on a tune. Andrew Martelle of @themallettbrothersband graced a song with some tasty fiddle. Gina Alibrio @lofatmayo and @annalombardmusic came in during a blizzard and murdered vocals on a couple songs. We're the luckiest little band in the world 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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Jon Wyman scored the Producer of the Year award. Wyman twittles the knobs at The Halo Studio in South Windham. He recently wrapped up work producing Chris Ross and the North's next album Over Lonesome. That album is due out June 2, and could score him another nomination for the 2018 New England Music Awards.

We hope Maine made music dominates the 2018 New England Music Awards. Some big albums have been dropped since the closing of nominations for this past New England Music Awards. As mentioned before, Chris Ross and the North will have a new album out.

The Mallet Brothers Band released 'The Falling of the Pine: Songs from the Maine Woods' The band put their musical spin on songs that were written in Maine lumber camps and fishing towns in the 1800's. They found the lyrics in a 1920's book titled 'The Minstrelsy Of Maine' by Fannie Hardy Eckstorm of Brewer, Maine.

Spose also just dropped his sixth album Good Luck With Your Life last Friday. After jamming out to it all weekend, our album review is: It's 53 minutes of PURE FIRE! Maybe God.Damn.Chan. will score a Producer of the Year nomination for producing that album!

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