Mainers can now apply for rent relief starting today.

The program that starts today is a broadened program compared to last year's rent relief programs and is being funded with $200 million in federal funds.

The new program can pay for a years worth of rent along with some utilities.  This new program will help out with bills that have accumulated since March of 2020, when businesses and schools started shutting down due to the pandemic.  Additionally, the new program will pay for expenses expected in the next three months.

Funds for the program were put in place in December but have been put on hold to disperse awaiting federal guidelines.  MaineHousing received those guidelines last Monday are now ready to take applications.

Eligible tenants need to meet certain income guidelines, which can be found here.  You also must have had a financial impact due to COVID-19 as well as have risk of homelessness if you lose your housing.

If you haven't needed assistance for rent relief but anticipate that you will, you can still apply for rental relief.  You can also apply for it if you had to cut work hours due to unusual childcare circumstances due to the pandemic.

It is also mentioned that if you applied for a past program but your application was not processed or money was not paid to your landlord, you are encouraged to email and include your county of residence and a your phone number.

Renters and landlords can go to for more information about the program.

Apply starting Monday, March 1st at noon by:

Check out more information and details for both renters and landlords at the website.

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