If you are having trouble paying your rent right now caused by COVID-19, you can apply for assistance due to new funds for relief.

MaineHousing has a program called the COVID-19 Rental Relief Program where those that need help paying rent can now fill out an application to try to get funds to pay their rent through October and November.

This program has provided assistance before now.

Granted recipients will receive $1000 to go towards rent.

The program is a first come, first serve service and can be applied for even if you've applied for or received assistance in the past. The money is given directly to landlords or property managers.

The program began accepting applications Monday, November 2nd.

Eligibility comes down to following income depending on your county and family size and why you are unable to pay. Also, if you rent a mobile home, you may eligible as well.

Exclusions to this program include Lewiston residents since the City of Lewiston has it's own relief program, as well as if you already receive some housing assistance, such as Section 8 or already live in public housing.

Maine Public News is reporting that a spokesperson with MaineHousing states that if funds are leftover after November 23rd, then December funds could be available to apply for, as well. Applications for December will begin acceptance on November 23rd.

Since April, MaineHousing has helped out about 14,000 renters since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.


For more information about the MaineHousing COVID-19 Rental Relief Program visit the Maine State Housing Authority website.

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