Close call for this dude from Maine!

Mainer Ryan Holt was on the season 4 premier of the Discovery Channel show 'Naked and Afraid' last night. The show pairs two people together in the wilderness for 21 days without food, water, or clothes.

In the episode titled 'Alligator Alley' Holt and his survival partner Amber Hargrove take on the Florida Everglades. The episode was filmed last summer.

While Hargrove works on a mosquito-proof blanket, Holt scopes out the swamp they call home. Holt is lucky to have noticed a giant deadly Water Moccasin before he steps on it.

Holt found himself on the show after taking a Maine Guide training course from a man who works for the show. He was recommended to the producers who quickly worked to get him on the show.

Holt is currently spending time in Hawaii hiking and working for a vanilla bean grower.

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