The myth that Adam Savage would never return to MythBusters has officially been … well, you get it. The Discovery science franchise will spawn yet another spinoff, as Savage returns to guide a new generation of science-minded kids to bust their own myths.

Per Entertainment Weekly, Savage will host a ten-episode order of MythBusters Jr., in which “six of the nation’s most scientifically savvy kids will get the chance to show off their prowess and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) skills as they separate fact from fiction.” The series is expected to premiere on the Science Channel in the “fourth quarter of 2018,” while Savage offered of his (decidedly Jamie Hyneman-free) return:

I’m so excited to be returning to Discovery to work with these kids on a new incarnation of the show I love so much. To be able to confront them with great questions and the resources to answer them is such a dream. Helping to inspire future scientists and engineers is a mission I share with Discovery.

Savage hosted the original series with for fourteen Emmy-winning years, and MythBusters was subsequently rebooted as a competition with hosts Jon Lung and Brian Louden. The previously-dismissed M7 Build Team of Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara also launched their own Netflix series in the vein of MythBusters, but the streaming service has not confirmed a second White Rabbit Project order.

It could be time yet before we see our first MythBusters Jr., so stay tuned.

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