It may be hard to believe, but Mainers are finding ice to fish through during a mostly mild December.

We know The Maine Trout Whisperer is a die-hard angler, but, wow. In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Chris managed to find enough ice for some brook trout fishing. Although on thin ice, literally, no one goes for a chilly dunk, and flags were flipping skyward.

Chris clearly knew the risks of early season fishing, as you can see he had his ice picks at the ready in the event of falling through. These ice picks are a piece of safety gear every ice angler should have. The picks can be used as handles to pull yourself out of the water if you were to fall through the ice.

Based on ice safety guidance from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 4 inches of ice is ideal for fishing.

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The Maine Trout Whisperer was featured on our list of "The Best Maine Outdoor Channels To Watch on Youtube." Chris' channel features videos covering basically every sport fish the state is home to. The channel also features gear reviews with valuable insights as to whether a piece of equipment can stand-up to the demands of fishing in Maine.

15 Must-Have Items For Ice Fishing Season In Maine

Ice fishing is an excellent way to embrace the cold winter months in Maine. It will get you outdoors for some fresh air, it's family friendly, and a successful day could yield a tasty dinner. If you're new to the sport, we put together a list of gear you'll need for a fun, comfortable, and successful day on the ice. Some of these items are more essential than others. Some gear may not be essential at all, depending on how you plan to fish. Again, the items we listed are geared towards those who are new to ice fishing.

Before we get to the list, remember to dress appropriately for the cold weather. We didn't put warm outerwear on the list, but it's definitely a must-have. Dressing in layers is important to ensure you're warm enough throughout the day on the ice. If you start getting too warm, you can simply take a layer off. Hand warmers are also worth packing.

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