The fact this is happening is ridiculous, pathetic, and annoying. And you can say that about a lot of headlines you hear about in the world, really, but this involves our direct, local home.

Last week, in what's been the story in the West End in Portland over the last 6-7 months at least, a woman was randomly attacked while walking later on last Wednesday night, just before 10pm. And before anyone gets on the "well a woman shouldn't be walking alone that late at night" high horse -- A WOMAN SHOULD BE ABLE TO WALK THE STREETS SAFELY WITHOUT CONCERN OF HER SAFETY ANY TIME SHE WANTS.

NEWS CENTER Maine via YouTube
NEWS CENTER Maine via YouTube

Attacks on women continue in Portland's West End

According to Channel 8 WMTW, the woman was walking along Gray Street when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Generally, when that happens, we turned to be met by someone we know, and it's usually a happy, joyful occasion. Maybe some hugs exchanged and quick catching up. Or maybe a polite person bringing attention to something someone dropped.

No, the only thing that was dropped in this instance was this woman. Because after she felt the tap on her shoulder, she turned around to be met with a fist directly to the face by who she reported was some random guy she doesn't even know. And as if that wasn't enough, the man apparently continued to punch her repeatedly after she was already on the ground.

The woman, according to Channel 8 WMTW, was brought to Maine Medical Center, where she was treated for her injuries and released.

This is just a continuation of a string of senseless acts of violence toward women since about October, when multiple women came forward saying a man would follow them in a car, pull up beside them to initiate conversation like asking for directions, then attempt to get the woman in the car -- either by trying to pull them in or offering a ride. And on a few occasions, if the women refused, the man exited the car and attacked them.

Thankfully, it seems like Portland Police are beefing up patrols in the West End, but this shouldn't have to be a thing. A woman should be able to take a late night stroll on a beautiful night -- whether it's to walk her dog, run an errand down the street, or just get exercise -- without having to fear being attacked or fear for her life.

Stay safe and protect yourself, lady Mainers. And quit the scumbag actions, Maine men (the ones this statement applies to, anyway). This shouldn't happen ANYWAY, but we're all on the same team here. Let's act like it and show ALL the respect ALL the time.

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