New Hampshire State Police said a woman from Acton, Maine, lost control of her car and flew into a toll booth in Rochester on Sunday.

According to News Center Maine, a 2018 Subaru driven by 73-year-old Joann McCollum-Hubbard, went into a concrete abutment, then went airborne and hit the toll booth.

Crazy 2020 accident, but no one was in the toll booth, the news station reported, and despite going airborne, Joann had minor injuries.

I can't imagine being airborne and crashing into a toll booth. That poor woman must have been scared out of her mind!

Investigators still don't know what caused the crash and why she lost control, according to News Center Maine. The car was pretty beat up and luckily she wasn't!

NH State Police Facebook
NH State Police Facebook

Those commercials aren't kidding when they say that Subarus are safe.

They made quick work of the smashed up toll booth. Turnpike workers had the booth and equipment replaced within six hours, the news station reported.

They are still investigating the cause of the crash.

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