A special game for a Maine town has come back for a great cause!

The Houlton High School Alumni Association of Houlton, Maine have created a monopoly game for their town.  All aspects of the game have a Houlton connection, including the tokens, cards and properties.  Check out our video to see the businesses and groups included in the game.

According to thecounty.me, this is not the first time this game has been apart of fundraising efforts for the organization.  The organization had the idea 20 years ago.

The last time “Houlton-opoly” was produced, it raised funds for playground equipment at Houlton Southside School.

The Houlton High Alumni Association's missions are to keep alumni connected while also giving back to their alma mater by raising funds for scholarships for the current students of the school and helping contribute to school improvements.

According to Nancy Ketch, associate of the nonprofit, the organization has done quite a lot for students and their alma mater:

Over the years, we have presented in excess of $500,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors.  In recent years, we have presented approximately $50,000 per year with most scholarships being $1,000, a few at $5,000 and, occasionally, a renewable scholarship that will provide funds each year for 4 years as long as the student remains in school and in good standing.  We have also contributed more than $250,000 to the school for projects such as Smart Boards, Lockers, chairs for the Library, Science Lab, Alumni Gymnasium, Houlton Community Arts Center, Soccer Lights and a Digital Reader Board.

The game is $30 and able to be shipped with proceeds of the game going to the nonprofit's scholarship fund.  Purchase the game at their website houltonalumni.com.

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