Some things will always remind you of your childhood

No matter how odd or left-of-center things can be sometimes, it always amazes me the things that remind me of my childhood. Whether it's a sight or a smell, sometimes memories just come flooding back to me for no reason. Today, I saw photos online of the old car was on Main Street in Bangor being demolished.

It brought back a variety of memories from over the years. For instance, that was the first car wash I remember going through with my mom in our old red Pontiac. I remember it vividly because it scared the bejesus out of me. To this 4-year old, it was like passing through the gates of hell, with no turning back.

Things are about to change in that neighborhood for sure

With the car wash gone, it does open up some possibilities about what may be next for that spot. But, as it turns out, it will get the most practical use of all. According to Jeff Wallace, Bangor's Director of Code Enforcement, the spot is owned by the Pour House, and the area will be turned into additional parking, which they desperately need.

It's in the process of being bulldozed under right now. Check it out:

Photo by JStew
Photo by JStew

If you've ever tried to park at the Pour House on the weekends, it can be difficult. It's a small lot, and hundreds of people have been known to flock in and out of there all weekend long. Being able to park nearer to the building would be a huge asset for their regular patrons.

The irony is that once upon a time, the location of the Pour House was also a self-serve car wash back in the day. So with both car washes having gone away, a little piece of Bangor history went along with them. But hey... sometimes you gotta go out with the old, and in with the new.

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