Back in January, we told you there was a chance that Maine could be getting a new ski resort.  Not just a new ski area, but an actual resort.

According to WCSH 6, we could be getting a new ski area in the Moosehead Lake region.  Not just a ski rea, but a true ski resort.

The new resort would be based on the old Big Squaw Mountain ski area.  Big Squaw closed in 2004, but for several seasons, starting in 2010, people in Greenville had the base of the mountain re-opened for skiing.

Now, we are hearing the a group of real estate developers are in the process of looking at bringing the ski area back to its former glory.  They're reportedly hoping to fully re-open the mountain and add hotels, restaurants, and other attractions.

And, it looks like we are one step closer to seeing that become a reality.

According to the KJ, the Finance Authority of Maine has approved $135 million in bond financing for a private developer to purchase and "rehabilitate" a former ski area near Piscataquis County’s Big Moose Township.

Proposed improvements to the facility include new ski lifts, a new restaurant / pub, a new conference center, an observatory, and a trail system.  With these improvements, the area could end up being a four-season attraction for people in Maine and the other New England states.

No word on a timeline for the rehabilitation.

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