Who is Ryan Holt?

You may recognize Ryan, although perhaps not fully clothed. Ryan has an impressive resume, he is a veteran having served in the Marine Corps Infantry from 2003-2011. After serving he took on the Appalachian Trail, attended Jack Mountain Bushcraft School, and eventually found his way to Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid multiple times.

The 411 on Naked and Afraid

The premise of the show is simple, put a man and a woman in the wilderness, sans clothes, and see if they can survive 21 days. This has sparked multiple Naked and Afraid specials such as Naked and Afraid of Sharks and Naked and Afraid: Alone which Ryan has appeared on both.

Naked and Afraid XL Legends is returning this Sunday, April 25th. What sets this series apart from the normal Naked and Afraid episodes is that this one has legends of the show, like Ryan, returning for the ultimate challenge. Survive, naked, for 60 days. Each episode is two hours long and the show airs at 8 pm EST.

YouTube via Discovery UK
YouTube via Discovery UK

What to Expect

The 12 legendary survivalists will be heading to the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana where they will face alligators, the native cottonmouth water snake, parasites of the Bayou, and one creature we know all too well here in Maine, mosquitoes.

It's also worth noting that the series filmed during late fall/early winter of 2020 so temperatures certainly weren't kind.

Does Ryan survive all 60 days?

Well, we'll all have to wait to find out during the show. Ryan did reveal to WGME that he lost a total of 55 pounds and during some mornings there was frost on the ground.

No easy feat but Ryan says he'll do it again and again as each time is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What does Ryan do while not naked and afraid?

Ryan runs Human-Nature Hostel in Roxbury, Maine where visitors can learn survival skills, go on a day kayaking adventure, attend a wilderness retreat, and more. Ryan even hosts a weekly wilderness recreation day for veterans. Get more details on what Human-Nature Hostel offers by clicking here.

We wish you nothing but the best, Ryan! We'll be watching!

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