This 'Volunteer Appreciation Day' is especially reverent in a year when volunteerism has been crucial to keep our communities here in the State of Maine safe, fed, clothed and warm.

The pandemic has made the need for volunteers a necessity in a time of crisis.

Thank you to the volunteers who help our senior citizens who have been vulnerable to the solitude of the pandemic- bringing them food, company and compassion.

Thank you to the volunteers who have helped parents when schools were closed and meals still needed to prepped and little minds needed to still be active.

Thank you to the volunteers who risked their healthy immune systems to the unknowns of a virus we were all hit with in a way we could have never imagined.

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To all of those volunteers that spent their time and energy feeding the more vulnerable, caring for the less secure and bringing the bright side of humanity to a world sometimes devoid of it, we thank you.

Now is a great time to start volunteering if you have the time and commitment to do so.  Check out volunteering opportunities across the State of Maine on the website

You can choose to become a part of national organizations that have volunteer opportunities throughout the State of Maine, local initiatives looking for local volunteers like you, and even include yourself in a roster of emergency service volunteers where you can use your skills and talents to help those that need them.

Search for your opportunity to give your time, heart and hard work at

Thank you, again, Maine volunteers.

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