The Maine Skateboard Association took to social media on Monday to announce a series of contests for those looking to compete in skateboarding and hang out with the cool kids throughout the warm months of 2022.

The Facebook post from Monday states that the nonprofit is bringing a Maine Skateboard Series, contests, and jams to the Pine Tree State for 2022 with 5 dates picked out.

The first date is set for May 21st where the 2022 Maine Skateboard Series will begin the contests and jams in Portland. June 18th will be the next date of the series to take place in Lewiston. July 16th will be contests and jams in Augusta and August 20th will be the date for a meet up in Bangor. One more location is yet to be announced but the date selected for what looks like the last meet will be September 17th.

For those interested in competing, there are three divisions based on age ranges. One range is for the kids, which is considered 12 and under. Another range is for teenagers 13 years of age to 17. And, the last range is for the adults 18 and older.

More info on Facebook

Details about the event are being doled out on Facebook and on Instagram. The nonprofit is seeking sponsors of the 2022 Skateboard Series. Those interested in sponsoring can give on three levels: Bronze ($100), Silver ($250), and Gold ($500) levels. Message the Maine Skateboard Association through Instagram or Facebook if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

With the new addition of Bangor's Skatepark in Hayford Park, it's great to have several locations throughout the state for skaters to meet up, show off their skills, and learn some new ones... while making new friends in the process.

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