Some people are amused, others were not!

Summer officially arrived on Tuesday, and with that idea, dreams of hot nights of enjoying live music again on the Bangor Waterfront were born. Dierks Bentley was scheduled to kick things off, but unfortunately, the show had to be canceled with just a couple of days of notice to concertgoers.

Waterfront Concerts' Alex Gray told WABI that Bentley's agent called him and canceled the show, but the agent said he wasn't at liberty to discuss the reason.

The cancelation sparked a debate as to who was at fault, the artist, or the venue. Well, Maine Savings Amphitheater took to its Facebook page with a response that many folks found humorous -- but others found irritating. Personally, I got a laugh out of it, but that's just me.

Don't get too bummed out, there is a great lineup of concerts coming our way!

Here is just a sample of some of the juicy responses:

Miguel Pedro Limachero'
Do i detect an attitude in this post. Seriously?

Anthony DelMonaco
You woke up this morning and chose violence. I love it.

Maine Savings Amphitheatre
Anthony DelMonaco Usually wake up and choose Wheaties but I was all out.

Erica Green
I love how everyone's mad at the venue, when the show gets cancelled by the artist's team. You all are ridiculous "scheduling conflict" is artist speak for "im not getting enough money for this"

Emma A Young
Lol @ all the boomers who’s heads this clearly went over stop being so offended by the dumbest sh*t!

John Fraioli
Usually a scheduling conflict right before a show means low ticket sales. These shows are planned for months so I doubt another show popped up last mintue

Christel Peters
This made me snort. I appreciate a sense of humor … especially when the Facebook demographic has become very serious. This was like finding a delicious Twitter or TikTok thread in a soup of humorless banter.

Crystal Clarke Kyles
This post is the best. Thanks for the laugh

Cathy Fogg Holt
Maine Savings Amphitheater unprofessional post, when owning a business you can’t please everyone, pick your battles

Garth Johnson
Or instead of making a dumb post like this. Give people that paid money a actual reason . People wouldn't be making assumptions If the venues were straight up with them

Troy Grass
That is a very unprofessional post for supposedly a very professional business.. it's kind of sad to hear... Would have been much better to be more upfront and forgiving and explaining in advance to people rather than being vague

Katie Milner
Then what was the reason? Nobody is telling

Shawn Kelley Jr.
That's okay. Not missing much. Dierks is kind of a tool anyways.

Samantha Kae McBreairty
Passive aggressive and unprofessional posts BEFORE the venue even hosts a concert, great start!

Gretchen Caparotta
Apprently it was scheduled in conflict according to another news outlet. Someone fu**ed up

Jason Ackley
Well I guess we know how Maine Saving Amphitheater feels about their customers.

Jim Owen
But the venue is not ready haha. It’s pretty funny you guys said in the article that you had 400 people there and things went fine

Shauna Morse
When you see a funny post and know you need to see the comments! Bahahaha totally worth it.

Tracy Dawes
And just like that...tonight you're featured for a 5-minute spot on the news.

Hunter Pembroke
Who’s your marketing team here? Kind of a childish post… just… don’t post it. . We allll know the venue isn’t ready… it’s not. But did people ACTUALLY think dierks people took a trip to Bangor to check on it..

Kevin Thomas
Guy didn’t sell enough tickets period. Unforeseen circumstances is the key phrase for “overpriced my show and not playing for 7 people”

Crystal Trask-Cordts
This is an odd way to treat patrons who may want to purchase future tickets at this venue.

Annemarie Weymouth
They just noticed this week they had a scheduling conflict….yeah ok

Sebastian Pettitt
now THIS is how you push social media interactions, good stuff admin

Devin Nease
Cancelled due to scheduling conflicts, three days ahead of when the concert was supposed to take place, when the concert was announced three months ago… hmmmm

Erica Jo
The people in the comments that hate this post are the people who most likely blamed it on the venue.

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