This is a difficult topic for me to cover because I feel the heavy discomfort that there are people locked up for marijuana charges yet here we are highlighting the economic boom it elicits.

This is definitely a tightrope to cross, but one that will hopefully be dismantled as states start to wipe records for past charges. It’s also hard not to wonder what type of media coverage these businesses would be experiencing if the owners of these companies weren’t all primarily middle-class white folk… but that’s a whole other conversation to be had.

According to an article by News Center Maine, the state saw a record-breaking month in August with sales at $10.22 million. The local businesses claim the return of tourists to Vacationland played a huge part in that boost. Not to mention, the increase in recreational versus medical shops around town.

That $10 million mark is the highest the industry has hit in this state since it first launched in October 2020, the news station reported, and it (and we) are only getting higher from here.


Marijuana Moment shares the impressive fact that the sales have increased every single month since inception and with every new “rabbit rabbit” comes a new broken record.

Just to make these numbers wow you even more, these records aren’t even considering medical marijuana sales - these are numbers based entirely on recreational marijuana.

So at this point, what's the argument against it? It's legal, the industry is raking in millions in tax revenue for the state, and it's boosting the local economy. I don't know, man, sounds like a lot of win-win-win, to me.

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