If you were thoroughly impressed with the Maine Bicentennial cookbook then you'll be stoked to hear they're coming out with a second one.

Maine 200 announced that there will be a second cookbook out and they are requesting more recipes from Mainers to include in this second edition.


In February of 2020 the State of Maine was on track to celebrate it's bicentennial by announcing a cookbook as part of the celebration. They wanted recipes from Mainers to include in the cookbook. Here's how The Maine Historic Preservation Commission put it:

The cookbook will include signature dishes from the state’s top chefs, as well as family recipes of famous Mainers, including Governor Janet Mills, Senator Angus King, and astronaut Jessica Meir. But the majority of recipes will come from everyday Mainers, who are invited to submit treasured family recipes, food stories, photos, and heirloom recipe cards.

The OG cookbook was put out and included recipes from historical Mainers like Senator Angus King and current Governor Janet Mills. You can order your copy of the original Maine Bicentennial cookbook right now at the Maine200.org website. A portion of sales for the original cookbook was donated to fight hunger, some $15,000 distributed, according to the Maine200.org website.

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There is also a link to submit for the bicentennial +1 cookbook, a second volume of more submitted recipes and heritage dishes that Mainers think should be included.  You can submit your recipe by visiting the Maine200.org website and help add to the history of Maine's cooking with perhaps long-lost recipes that exist in your family roots here in the State.

The new cookbook will continue to contribute towards fighting hunger in Maine with the sales of the next edition, available in April of 2022.

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