The Nao Santa Maria will not be docking in Bangor this month, after concerns from residents about its connection to Christopher Columbus.

The 4-Port Loop is made up of several ships, including the Nao Santa Maria, and was promoted by the Penobscot Maritime Heritage Association. Organizers of the event, which was listed as part of the Maine Bicentennial Celebration and Orrington Old Home Week festivities, say they regret not realizing the impact the vessel's arrival in Maine would have on the Penobscot Nation and other Native American communities. The Nao Santa Maria is a replica of the ship Columbus sailed to America in 1492.

Chris Popper, Townsquare Media
Chris Popper, Townsquare Media
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The Bicentennial Commission posted an apology on Facebook, while also distancing itself from the planning of the event.

Due to the inclement weather, tours of the ship docked in Bucksport's harbor were postponed on Friday. After a stint in Bucksport, it was set to sail up the Penobscot River to spend July 15-17th in Bangor. WABI-TV reports the Penobscot Nation released a statement on Friday, asking that the Bangor event be canceled.

Bangor Savings Bank was also listed as a sponsor of the 4-Port Loop. A post on the bank's Facebook page offered an apology for the insensitivity of including the Nao Santa Maria.

As of Saturday morning, tours were still being given aboard the ship in Bucksport.

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