The Maine Department of Transportation is considering the expansion of rail service in the state to include Bangor.

Why Rail Service?

There's something so romantic about traveling by train. Watching the scenery as it passes by, without having to deal with traffic. Strolling down to the diner car for a snack. And then taking a nap, rocked to sleep by the movement of the train. Okay, so these days, you may be eating at a cafe, rather than a dining car, but the premise is still there. It's a great way to travel, especially for families who can enjoy time together instead of Mom or Dad being stressed by driving.

Does Maine Have an Amtrak Line Now?

Maine has passenger rail service, with the Amtrak Downeaster that runs between Portland and Boston. But for the rest of us, we'd have to drive to Maine's largest city and catch the train from there. As someone who has a son living in southern Maine, I like the idea of being able to hop on a train to go visit him. Apparently, I'm not the only one, because the Maine Department of Transportation is doing some research to determine whether it's something that would be beneficial. Bangor and Augusta municipalities are helping with the study, as they would both benefit from the expanded rail service.

How Can We Watch the Public Meeting?

If you're interested in learning more about this initiative, there will be a presentation today, via Zoom, beginning at 6 p.m. to discuss the progress of the transit propensity study. You can watch the public meeting by clicking here for the Maine Department of Transportation website.

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15 Must-Have Items For Ice Fishing Season In Maine

Ice fishing is an excellent way to embrace the cold winter months in Maine. It will get you outdoors for some fresh air, it's family friendly, and a successful day could yield a tasty dinner. If you're new to the sport, we put together a list of gear you'll need for a fun, comfortable, and successful day on the ice. Some of these items are more essential than others. Some gear may not be essential at all, depending on how you plan to fish. Again, the items we listed are geared towards those who are new to ice fishing.

Before we get to the list, remember to dress appropriately for the cold weather. We didn't put warm outerwear on the list, but it's definitely a must-have. Dressing in layers is important to ensure you're warm enough throughout the day on the ice. If you start getting too warm, you can simply take a layer off. Hand warmers are also worth packing.

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