Officials at Baxter State Park are putting the word out well in advance that a popular campground in the park will close next year.

A big project is planned at a campground within Baxter State Park. Park officials are getting the word out well in advance of the closure of the Daicey Pond Campground. The closure is scheduled from May 2024, through April 2025.

According to a press release, the work involves the cabins at the campground. Officials say, "After careful consideration of all possible options and a robust review process, the Park Authority, Advisory Committee, and staff have determined that a complete campground closure will have the least impact on the wilderness experience of campground users and will be the most time and cost effective to accomplish the necessary work."

Park officials say, "Without repairs that go beyond routine maintenance, the cabins at Daicey Pond Campground will deteriorate to the point of needing replacement." The closure will not effect the day use of the Daicey Pond area. Visitors will still have access to the pond and nearby trails.

The project is still in the early planning stages. Additional information will be available on the Park website as the project moves forward.

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In other park news, bunkhouses will return to normal usage this year. Since 2020, COVID-19 protocols dictated that bunkhouses were limited to a single party. A bunkhouse reservation was essentially a cabin reservation. Beginning this year, visitors from different parties will be able to reserve individual bunks at the same time. Regular pricing per-bunk will also resume.

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