Looking for the ultimate Maine getaway? We found it.

When Redbook decided to rank the prettiest hotels in every state in the United States, it had its work cut out for it when it comes to Maine. The 207 has become an incredible destination for those looking to unwind and enjoy a relaxing vacation, so when choosing the nicest digs in the state, Redbook narrowed it down to one. That could not have been easy.

The winner is:

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The gorgeous Claremont Hotel, located in Southwest Harbor. It is set on Somes Sound, and dates back to 1884. It's on the National Register of Historic Places.

This seasonal hot spot is open from May to November of each year. Best of all, it is just 2 miles from Acadia National Park, so it gives you a variety of things to do in the area during the warmer months in Maine.

Rooms and suites there have a variety of options, including feature fireplaces, porches, seating areas and water views, and rustic cottages, with living rooms, kitchens or kitchenettes, and fireplaces.

There are three dining options: a restaurant, bar and a casual diner set in a boathouse.

Enjoy croquet lawns, chic cabanas, a spa, bike and rowboat rentals, plus a boat dock and a heated outdoor pool.

If you are already planning a getaway for 2024, find out why Redbook thinks it is the prettiest hotel in the state. We couldn't agree more.

This Hotel Was Ranked As The Prettiest In Maine

If you want the best of the best, the Claremont Hotel in Southwest Harbor, delivers!

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