The Maine Department of Education has launched an online educational website to give more opportunities for Maine children, parents and educators to have additional learning resources for grades PreK to 12th Grade.

The platform is called MOOSE!, which is an acronym for Maine Online Opportunities for Sustained Education.

The website is touted as being accessible with "anytime, anywhere, learning options" and was created by many different educational groups (Maine Department of Education, educators, community organizations, museums) to create this online "library of asynchronous learning modules that are aligned to Maine’s Learning Results".


There are four separate modules that are separated by groups of grade levels:

  • PreK - 2nd grade
  • 3rd grade - 5th grade
  • 6th grade - 8th grade
  • 9th grade - 12th grade

It includes learning areas across all subjects with three major goals: that learning is active, engaging and ongoing.

How can MOOSE! be used for your child?  Here is the explanation from the first page of the website:

Modules could be utilized for enhancing lessons, remediation, enrichment, credit recovery, or for use during remote learning – whenever a student cannot access classroom instruction.

One module, intended for third graders, focuses on money management, exposing the learner to information about earning money, spending money and saving money.

Another module, intended for high schoolers, explores students' own skills, what skills they would like to have and how those skills could fit in their community.  This research takes them into career choices and a cool project that could include a podcast on their journey.

The website also includes a page dedicated to resources for parents like tips on how to deal with motivating a child during remote learning, how to talk to various aged children about COVID-19 and links to additional learning resources including field trips and external learning websites.

Check out modules for you children now by visiting

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