The Maine Department of Education is urging people to answer the phone to help provide information with contact tracing.
Contract tracers throughout the State's different departments utilize an alert system called the Sara Alert, which is used to collect and retain information for those diagnosed or suspected of being positive for COVID-19.

This tracking system is updated by contact tracers but the system is only useful if people are providing information follow-up information to track the progress of cases.

One reason that could be hindering collecting information is that people are getting a call that they think is a scam call, so they won't pick up when contact tracers are calling.
The number to look out for when it comes to contact tracing messages being sent through the Sara Alert system is 844-957-2721. This is the only number that is used for Maine contact tracing system so, if this number calls you, know it's not a scam.

As a reminder, contract tracers will never ask for your social security number, immigration status or for money account information such as a credit card number or bank account information.

Contact tracers will collect pieces of information that will include your birthdate, your residing county, contact info (phone number, mailing address, email address) and if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

For more information about contact tracing in the State of Maine and the Sara Alert system, visit the Department Health and Human Services website.

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