There may have be nothing more polarizing yesterday than when the Red Sox revealed their brand new uniforms, which don't have one thread of the usual bright red, dark blue, or white in them that we've seen for YEARS. Actually, the only kind of continuity with these uniforms and the previous ones is the iconic "B" logo on the hats.

But even the hats aren't the usual navy blue that we're used to seeing on the field, or even the red hats they're sometimes seen wearing, too. Sure, there are the different color versions for fans like pink and camo, but these hats will be worn on-field.

This may be the most polarizing tweet that the Red Sox account has ever and will ever put out. Obviously, the first thing you see is the bright yellow, which, before you fully digest it, may cause you to tilt your head say, "HUH?" out loud. But once you take a second to breathe and look again, it all makes sense.

Why did the Red Sox get new uniforms?

According to USA Today, these uniforms will be worn on-field by the Sox, but for a specific purpose -- Patriots' Day Weekend. And what iconic events happen at the same time every single Patriots' Day (except last year because pandemic) -- the Boston Marathon.

Obviously, these new uniforms are the exact colors of the start and finish line of the Boston Marathon, and considering that day in 2013 was horrific not only for the city itself, but all of New England (since, let's be real, we all see New England in general as an extension of Boston), there's a lot of emotion behind these uniforms.

But how did the Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts members of Red Sox Nation react to these? Well, all over the place, really.

"These are amazing!! When do they go on sale?!" - @JoshuaFargo4

"What is this " - @JadenVelis

"No." - @cthulhubrett

"Absolute FIRE." - @Kyle_Mcgreevy25

"Love the hats but the jerseys are " - @PearceFactor

The majority of what fans are saying, though, is that while a nice tribute to a city that went through a lot 8 Marathon Mondays ago, they're unhappy with how this comes off as using peoples' emotions to make a quick buck. Which, quite honestly, is a pretty good point.

And if the Red Sox brass wants to correct that, do one of two things -- do not make these available to the public so they're specifically only for players on Marathon Monday gameday and a true tribute to the city, or if you are going to make them available to the public, let a percentage of profits (and a large percentage at that) go to charity.

What do you think of the new uniforms?

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