Personally, I love summer.  One of the only things I don't like about living in New England is how short our summers are (compared to how long winters seem to last).

Not everyone shares my opinion, though.

Some of those living in the southern part of Maine are probably pretty sick of the warmer-than-normal temperatures we've had all summer.

This is pretty evident from a conversation that News Center Maine's Lee Goldberg, Todd Gutner, and Samantha York had during a recent broadcast.

Hey now!

In all fairness, the technology is not perfect.  Around since the early 1970s (before, if you count the text cards in silent movies), closed captioning used to be done by extremely skilled captioners who almost had to anticipate what the reporters were going to say next.  While we are not entirely sure, there is a good chance that the news broadcasts put out by Maine TV stations are probably using an automated captioning system, like VITAC.

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