Newscenter Maine meteorologist Keith Carson has been having a little fun with his broadcasts from home during the pandemic. Carson has added a white board filled with quips, jokes, observations and as of this weekend, a roast of the rock band Nickelback that drew the ire of one particular fan. Just look at this Photograph.


There, in plain view, is How You Remind Me, or anyone else, that Nickelback can be such an easy target to get people riled up. All Carson was stating is that Maine is stuck in a terrible weather pattern with not enough good weather, Someday, that'll change. But one fan wasn't going to let that sign go, took the bait, and fired off an angry email to Carson ready to Burn It To The Ground. Carson was clearly Feelin' Way Too Damn Good, and decided to share it on Twitter.

Perhaps the fan felt like a Rockstar emailing Carson directly. It's Too Bad Keith Carson is a pro at handling criticism, or else he likely would have said "Never Again" when taking a shot at one of Canada's finest exports. Rather than acting like Animals, we should all agree that it was just a silly joke, and share a beer while proclaiming "Bottoms Up".

If Today Was Your Last Day, would you want to be remembered as the person who sent a nasty email over a white board joke? No.


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