Most of us have always believed that Marden's is one of the hidden gem businesses of the state.

For those who are not familiar with the regional chain, they are discount stores, but it is not loaded with junk that you'd never want to buy.  These stores are freighted with so much amazing merchandise.  They have everything from clothing, to furniture, to appliances, to high end electronics.  And yes, all of this stuff is sold at a great discount.

Because of this, the chain always seems to be expanding.  Every time we turn around, there is another Marden's location.  On top of that, these stores never close.  In the over half a century that the chain has been in operation, they have never closed a store.

This is one of the reasons that the news out of Rumford is so surprising.

According to a post on the Rumford Marden's store Facebook page, the location of the store has closed.

The reason?  There were safety issues with the building they have been operating out of.  Based on what was said in the post, this issue has been going on for a while.

The post goes on to say:

This was an extremely difficult decision, however, the safety of our employees and customers is our #1 concern. In our nearly 60 years, we have never closed a store. While 2022 was a very successful year company-wide, our hands were tied by the landlord’s inaction to deal with ongoing, major safety concerns. We would welcome the opportunity to return to the Rumford area in the future if a suitable retail location can be found.

We are glad to hear that all of the Rumford employees have been offered work at other stores.

The post also explains that closure is effective immediately and that returns of items sold at the Rumford store will be accepted at other stores for the next 60 days.

Of course, we all hope that in the future they are able to find a suitable location to open another store in that area.

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