This dude is straight up crazy to do this in the dead of winter!

Winter in Maine, to put it mildly, is brutal. Sometimes just going outside to get to your car is a huge burden, so when you see someone do something crazy, but cool, it is always worth taking notice.

A guy on Facebook, named Michael Benko, just happened to look up to the sky on a chilly day and saw a guy paramotoring over Sebago Lake, near Standish. He promptly posted it, and people everywhere are loving it.

It turns out that Mark Frasier was the gentleman who was paramotoring that day, and he also posted a very cool video of himself doing the same thing over frozen Long Lake, in Naples, on an 18-degree day!

Mark has some really thrilling clips of his adventures up in the sky, in some seriously cold weather here in the state of Maine. The guy is a beast.

If you are curious, a paramotor is a motorized paraglider that is used for flying. A propeller, powered by a small two-stroke engine, is strapped to the back of the pilot. A paraglider is attached to the pilot with carabiners. To take off, the pilot gets a running start, then gives the paramotor some gas via a hand-held throttle to gain lift.

Paramotoring is not regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. It is self-regulated. This means that paramotor pilots do not need clearance to take off or land.

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