What's better than free slurpees on 7/11? FREE MONEY!! (Probably while you're sucking down that free slurpee, though.)

Just before the 4th of July, The Maine Lottery announced their 7/11/21 Livestream Game, which, if you keep track of calendar dates, is going to happen this Sunday. It's all going down on the Maine Lottery Facebook page starting at 7:11p. Here's what's happening.

How to Play

Once the game goes live this Sunday at 7:11p, everyone logged on and participating in the chat will be asked to enter a number. There will be a mixing cage shown on camera and after everyone enters their numbers, the host will reach in and pull out four random envelopes. Inside, each envelope will be marked with either $77, $777, or the biggie -- $7,777.

Once the four envelopes have been drawn out of the mixing cage, everyone in the chat room will vote on which envelope should be opened, Obviously, the envelope that gets the most votes will be opened and the prize will be revealed.

How to Win

Winning couldn't be easier, honestly. All you have to do during the Livestream is participate. When asked to enter a number, enter it. When asked to vote on which envelope should be opened, vote. Because of the active members of the chat, commenters will randomly be selected as winners of the prize revealed in the opened envelope and notified a little after the stream has concluded.

It's unknown exactly how many winners will be selected or if the prize revealed once the envelope is opened will have any impact on how many winners are selected, but regardless it couldn't be easier to win free money this Sunday. Obviously, because this is a Maine Lottery event, it is only open to persons 18 and over, and in case there's any confusion, there is ZERO cost to participate in this event.

Other Ways to Win

The Livestream isn't the only win to win, although it's probably one of the most fun ways since it's free and interactive. However, the Maine Lottery is also selling "7/11/21 Live" scratch tickets where players with non-winning tickets can earn SEVEN TIMES the usual points in the RewardME Lottery Club.

Will you be logged on this Sunday night at 7:11p for the Livestream and your shot at scoring $7,777?

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