The 195th Army National Guard Band and Pop bands are bringing the tunes to Old Town this Thursday at 6 P.M.

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Check out their performance coming to Binette Park located along the Penobscot River in East Old Town on Main Street. The forecast calls for some rain so bring that umbrella and poncho with you.

Their most recent performance was suppose to take place in Caribou to celebrate Independence Day up in the County but inclement weather canceled the parade. But, it looks like they couldn't resist a little impromptu performance anyway... even if there is a strawberry is on your head... it's a thing .

More concerts are lined up for this week, where the 195th Maine Army National Guard band and Pop band will be playing in destinations across the State of Maine. You can catch the 195th Maine Army Band tonight in Searsport at Mosman park starting at 6 P.M. The forecast, again, calls for some afternoon thunderstorms so, again, bring the umbrella and poncho.

They'll also be making an appearance in southern Maine next Monday in Falmouth at the Falmouth Village Park with the concert starting at 6:30 P.M.

Find out where they'll be playing in the future by visiting their schedule at the 195th Army Band performance website and follow their adventures on the '195th Maine Army National Guard Band' Facebook page. You can also request Maine's 195th Army bands to show up in your town by heading to the website and requesting a performance.

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