If you have kids involved in high school sports, you know how stressful late summer and early fall of 2020 were.  As the Maine Principals Association, and school athletic departments, discussed how athletics during a pandemic would work, your kids patiently waited for word on whether or not they would be able to play.

Unfortunately, in some cases, they would eventually get word that it had been decided there was no way for their sport to be played "safely".

Football was one of these casualties.

Now, it looks like some kids will get a "do over" of the 2020 football season.

According to News Center Maine, Maine Gaelic Sports is offering Maine high school football players a chance to re-do their season...  sort of.

Instead of playing regular American football, they will be playing Gaelic Football.  Basically, it is a combination of basketball, soccer, and rugby.  It's a higher-scoring game than American football and, similar to soccer, players can't pick the ball up off the ground.  While it is significantly different from the football they are used to playing, it is played on a similar surface.  Even more important, it will give them a chance to compete.  For seniors who won't be playing football in college, it will probably be their last chance to compete.

The following video does a really good job explaining how the game works and shows some of the action.

All of the games will be played under current CDC guidelines.

For more information or to register, visit the Maine Gaelic Sports website.

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